Sunday, February 9, 2014


My "baby" is definitely a baby no longer - he is officially a teenager. On Wednesday, he turned 13.

Chandler is a sensitive child. It really upsets him to be in trouble for anything. A cross word can bring him to tears. He is very curious. He loves to know how things work and why things are as they are. He takes things apart just to put them together again. He asks Kevin and I lots of questions and listens to the answers. He really analyzes things. He is a worrier. He has a hard time sitting still. His current love is computers - he is getting to be a whiz on them. He has created servers and is wanting to learn some programming. Chandler likes to play soccer and run distance races but dislikes watching sports. He is very goal-oriented and is quite competitive. He loves to play games. He has always been a helpful child - one willing to help neighbors haul off cement or unpack from a camping trip. Chandler is a doer. He doesn't have the most patience with people. He is a good student. One of my favorite things about Chandler is that he will still cuddle with me!

So, what did Chandler choose for his birthday meals? Strawberry crepes for breakfast, In-n-Out Burger for lunch, spaghetti noodles with mixed veggies and Mr. Yoshida's Savory Sauce for dinner. He didn't want a cake but really enjoyed Play-doh ice cream.

It was a crazy busy day. McKayla was at school b 6 sm. I was subbing math at the high school. Shanley had dance. McKayla had practice and then a CNA thing. I had a school community council meeting. Chandler had a soccer game. We didn't all get home together until after 7 pm and we were trying to get McKayla's letter of intent sent off because the UVU coach was getting a little anxious that she hadn't sent it yet and we were trying to keep up with Brakston and Whitney's news since they were in the hospital awaiting the birth of Mason. Also, Kevin needed to go give a Priesthood blessing. Poor Chandler - his ice cream and present were just kind of shoved into the day about 8 pm.

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