Friday, February 8, 2013

what I've been up to

I have been doing a lot of substitute teaching lately - seminary, band, math, animal science, etc.  A LOT of subbing.  Crazy busy.  One thing I know for certain - teachers should leave tons of stuff for students to do when they are gone.  The only times I run into trouble when subbing is when the teachers don't leave enough to do.  Just this week I had math classes where the students finished the assignment and had about 25 minutes left.  I also had animal science classes where the students finished the assignement and had about 45-50 minutes left.  That is when classes get out of control.  I am dusting off the old brain and planning games/actitvities to keep them occupied when this happens again but I'd sure appreciate it if the teachers left enough work.

I've also been busy making Chex mix recipes - eleven batches of 5 different recipes.  Some were sweet and some savory but all were delivered to the teachers at the high school this morning to let them know how much we appreciate them!

I've been doing the 14 days of Valentine's for my husband and children.  Each child gets a heart on their door every morning telling something Kevin and I love about them.  In addition, there's been a cute treat/note on their pillow every day (i.e. bottle of Crush with "I've got a CRUSH on you".  They have really enjoyed it.  Kevin gets the treats and notes (his are usually just a little better).

Pinterest projects: 
  • cute, cute s'mores for my family, visiting teaching peeps, and my YW
  • birthday balloon door for Chandler
  • 14 days of Valentines
  • pink chocolate chip cookies
  • Valentine candy kabobs for my nieces and nephews

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