Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweethearts Dance

Last night was the sweethearts Dance. McKayla and Halie really wanted to invite boys from the Special Ed class so they did and loved every minute of it! McKayla's date was Jesse and Halie's was Keaton. A couple more girls joined their group and asked boys from the same class and one of the girls in the class joined them with her date as well.

Jesse's parents were very nervous about the whole thing and insisted on meeting McKayla before the event. She went to their home about a week and a half ago to get acquainted. She must have won them over because they did allow Jesse to go.

For their daytime activity they went bowling and played laser tag. They had lots of fun (and McKayla was super happy that she won the laser tag). Then they took their dates to In-and-Out Burger for dinner (per the boys' request).

Jesse and McKayla

Keaton and Halie
Then it was home to get dressed up for the dance.

They had a blast at the dance and went for ice cream at Arctic Circle afterwards. McKayla said the boys were so funny and so much fun.

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