Monday, May 28, 2012

good reminder

Great Relief Society lesson on Revelation yesterday.  One of the sisters shared a story that particularly touched me.  She was using the story to illustrate how we can let daily concerns interfere with receiving revelation but I really thought it taught a great lesson on perspective and seeing things as the Lord does as well.

The sister telling the story had an amazing voice and sang 10 years with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

"Three years ago I developed asthma and lost my voice.  I can no longer sing.  This was devastating when it happened.  I loved to sing.  One Sunday another sister sang a solo in Sacrament Meeting.  I left the meeting crying and headed to my car thinking 'that will never be me again'.  My husband followed me and tried to comfort me but I could not be consoled.  I just kept asking "Why would God take my voice when I have only used it in His service and in praise of Him?"  My husband couldn't answer.  A couple days later my daughter called and told me she had something to tell me.  She said God wanted her to tell me because He couldn't get through my sorrow to me Himself.  She said, "Mom, God didn't take your voice from you.  He held off the asthma for 20 years so you would be able to sing with the choir."

How many times do I blame God for a trial and fail to see His hand and blessing in it?  I believe I fail every day to recognize all that God does for me.  That is partly why I set a goal this year to write down an instance every day when I felt the hand of God in my life.  This has helped but I still know I do not recognize even a small part of ALL that He does for me.  I truly am an ungrateful servant.

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