Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Born to Run"

Runners know that there are days you feel like you were meant to run.  You feel like you could go forever and nothing could stop you or slow you down.  You could scale mountains.  You could break records.

Then there are days like today.  My Ipod battery died after one mile leaving 7.5 miles with only the thoughts in my head.  (Don't leave me alone with those!)  My legs felt very heavy and tired.  Probably not surprising after having run 18 miles on Monday and then been on my feet in heels ALL day yesterday.  For some reason I was chafing.  Ouch.  My knee really hurt.  Ouch again.  The wind was quite strong.  (And why does it always feel like it's a headwind?)  I had no energy and was really thirsty.  I really could have used inspiration from Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run".  Oh Ipod was dead....

The clincher?  I finally made it home, stripped down to enjoy a relaxing and cleansing shower, only to find that my home has no water. 

City trucks/workers are down the street working on it so hopefully....

Maybe Springsteen should write another song entitled "Born to get the kids off to school and then burrow back under the covers".  That's the answer - I was born this way.

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