Thursday, August 27, 2015

More on First Day

McKayla is starting her 2nd year at UVU. She is not technically a sophomore because she earned a lot of college credits while still in high school. On the other hand, she can't even apply for the nursing program until January so she still has at least 3 years of school to go. Maybe that does make her a sophomore. She is still running track/cross-country for UVU and happy to let them pay for her schooling. She has been injured but is slowly working her way back. McKayla loves chicken cordon bleu and chicken poppyseed pasta salad. Her favorite dessert is anything mint. Her favorite candy is Twix tand Tootsie Rolls. Favorite subject is health. Her favorite hobby is sleeping and she would rather run than swim or bike. She'd rather go camping than stay in a hotel. Of Menchie's, Cold Stone, or Jamba Juice, she would pick Cold Stone and she'd pick Cafe Rio over Panda Express though her favorite place to eat is Village Inn and Ivie's Juice Bar. She'd rather watch soccer than football or basketball. Her favorite TV show is White Collar (and she and I love to watch it on Netflix every time we have a spare hour together) . She preferred the movie "Divergent" over "home" or "Meet the Mormons". Her plan is to become a nurse and she thinks she'd like to be in a hospital nursery. Shanley is a senior Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese and her favorite candy is Skittles. Language Arts is her favorite subject. Dance is her favorite hobby and her favorite place to eat is Chik-Fil-A. She would pick Menchie's over Cold Stone or Jamba Juice and Panda Express over Cafe Rio. She'd rather swim than bike or tun and she prefers staying in a hotel over camping. She'd rather watch football than basketball or soccer. Her favorite show is One Tree Hill and she liked the movie "The Longest Ride". She wants to be a nurse. Alec is still serving a church service mission. His favorite food is pepperoni deep dish pizza from Little Caesar's. His favorite dessert is brownies and his favorite candy is Reese's (and has been for at least 17 years). His favorite thing to do is listen to music (his current favorite is the soundtrack from Les Miserables). Alec would rather go to Jamba Juice than Cold Stone or Menchie's and he'd pick Panda Express over Cafe Rio. He prefers watching soccer over football or basketball. He loves to camp but he also loves to stay in a hotel. He prefers swimming over biking or running but he'd prefer bowling over all of those. He gives the best hugs!

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