Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School

I  really need to finish my Maui posts but I am interrupting them (already delayed for Trek, family reunion, and BYU Education Week) to post first day of school photos.

McKayla and Shanley started yesterday.  McKayla is 19 and in her 2nd year at UVU (Utah Valley University).  I didn't get to take her picture until after school since she begins her day with cross-country team practice at 6:30 am (after catching the train at 5:30 am).

Shanley is 17 (for 9 more days) and is a senior at Riverton High. She is only attending school for half days and then has work release and is working more than full-time. She has math, English, seminary, and a PE. She is working full-time as a CNA at Carrington Court and still working a few hours a week for the Howards doing shipping. I didn't get to take her picture until this morning (2nd day) because she overslept the first day and was in way too much of a hurry to allow pictures and then she went straight to the shipping job then straight to her CNA job. She didn't get home until 10:30 and by then she was in scrubs (plus I was asleep) so pics today.

Chandler is a freshman (or actually a 9th grader at Oquirrh Hills Middle School) and is 14. His first day was today. I am excited that he gets to start seminary.

Chandler is 5'4" and weighs 100 pounds. His favorite food is noodles and vegetables with Mr. Yoshida's sauce. His favorite dessert is s'mores dip and favorite candy is Mike and Ike's. He loves math, running, the TV show "Burn Notice". Given the choice of Menchie's, Cold Stone, or Jamba Juice, he picks Cold Stone. He likes Panda Express over Cafe Rio. He'd rather run than swim or bike. Camping is better than a hotel and soccer is better than basketball or football. Out of the movies "Divergent", "Home" or "Meet the Mormons", he'd rather watch "Meet the Mormons". He has no clue what he wants to be when he grows up.

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