Tuesday, June 28, 2016

50 by 50

I turn 50 next year so I made a bucket list of 50 things I am going to do/try/accomplish in the coming year. Now, I already have a list of 100 life goals so I tried not to duplicate anything. 1) take an iFly ride (skydiving simulator) 2) do a triathlon 3) visit 5 temples I haven't been to before 4) have a mammogram 5) go on a girl's trip 6) read a classic I haven't read before 7) redecorate my bedroom 8) give up one thing that isn't good for me 9) learn a new skill *10) hike to Lake Blanche 11) have a picnic in the mountains **12) try 4 new restaurants 13) make a new friend 14) have a picnic on a beach 15) go to a drive in movie 16) finish a project 17) write a letter to myself to open in 10 years 18) have a family portrait taken **19) do 50 random acts of kindness *20) give myself a facial 21) get a pedicure 22) handwrite a letter to each of my parents 23) see a glacier 24) make a really great cupcake 25) have a weekend getaway with Kevin 26) ride a floatplane in Alaska 27) go wild raspberry picking 28) have a movie marathon 29) try a new fitness class 30) see the Northern Lights *31) dine al fresco 32) try the Riverton Hospital cafeteria 33) try Top Golf 34) lose 20 pounds 35) play pickleball 36) visit 2 states I've never been to before 37) attend a hot air balloon festival 38) paint the downstairs family room 39) do a 1000 piece puzzle 40) play a game of tennis with Kevin 41) sew myself 2 new skirts *42) attend the NCAA track and field championships 43) attend a few food truck nights 44) host a game night 45) do vacation books 46) write my Grandma Searle's life history 47) attend a new community event *48) go to some yard sales 49) go to the downtown Farmer's Market 50) build a footrest to go with the couch downstairs

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