Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We are NOT a shoe-wearing family for the most part.  Sure, Alec and Kevin almost always have shoes on but the rest of us kick them off the moment we walk in the door.  I have a huge basket right by the front door just for this purpose.

However, socks are a completely different matter.  I prefer completely barefoot.  I have tried to teach my children that if they remove their shoes, they should also remove their socks.   It hasn't worked.  They tend to leave their socks on (even outside) thus wearing huge holes in them.  The other option is that they do take them off wherever they happen to be.  So, I find socks by the front door, under the couch, on a barstool, on or under the kitchen table, by the back door, by the computer desk, by the garage door, in front of the TV, in the cars, and in the yard.

I wonder if the lack of socks lying around is something I will miss when they have all moved out?

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  1. I have never worn shoes one second longer than I have to. Right before we moved Dylan asked me to take him to a store on the east side. When we got there we made the sad realization that we both had neglected to put on shoes before we left. I said we should just both go in, he said we would look like hippies and somehow convinced me to go in for him.