Friday, November 22, 2013

Catching Fire

McKayla and I had tickets to the opening of "Hunger Games:  Catching Fire" last night.  We loved it!  Often I am disappointed with the movie after reading the book but that wasn't true in this case.  Also, I was surprised that I liked this movie better than the first because I preferred the first book.  The emotion was incredibly strong in this movie and the love triangle was portrayed better in the movie than in the book.  Overall, I give it 5 stars or two thumbs up or whatever rating system you prefer.  I can't wait to see it again!

On a related note, how come we were at the opening showing at 8 pm on Nov. 21st for a movie that opened on Nov. 22nd?  What happened to midnight premieres?  We ran into one of McKayla's friends in the theater and he said it's a result of the theater shooting in Colorado.  Whatever the reason, you won't find me complaining.  I much prefer being home in my bed at 11 pm after having seen a great movie than preparing to go out to one at that time!  I am definitely not a late-night person!

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