Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Fun

For the week of Halloween, I gussied up the children's lunches with special Halloween treats. One day it was rice krispie ghosts (dipped in white chocolate) on a stick. One day it was "Boo Mix" and another day it was "Bugs and Kisses".
The kids had two requirements for Halloween: carving pumpkins and dipping apples. So one Monday night we carved pumpkins. I took a page from Pinterest and spray painted mine in a mosaic pattern instead of carving. I like how it turned out.
The kids ended up doing pumpkins in YM/YW as well. This is the one Chandler did although I waited too long to take a picture and it shriveled. It has not been cold enough here to keep the pumpkins from rotting. I didn't even take pictures of the other pumpkins.
Another Monday we dipped caramel apples. Alec chose not to dip apples but to sing us Christmas carols as we dipped. Pretty entertaining

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