Tuesday, November 5, 2013

McKayla is 18!

Hard to believe that my first daughter is now legally an adult!

Friday, November 1st was the end of the quarter so there was no school but she still had to be at the school by 7 am for cross-country practice.  She chose sticky buns as her birthday breakfast. 

After cross-country she and Brandon went to the temple.  Alec, Shanley, and Chandler also went. 

McKayla had selected BLTs for her birthday lunch and they were waiting when they got home from the temple.  Then,  she opened presents and then McKayla and Brandon made Andes Mint Cookies before heading back to the school for another cross-country practice.

Brandon then had to go to play practice (he's in our stake play) and Kevin and I were at Chandler's soccer game while Shanley and Alec were at the Riverton football game.  However, Halie joined McKayla.  They braided beads and feathers into their hair.

When we all got home, we enjoyed McKayla's chosen birthday dinner of pulled pork sandwiches followed by Andes Mint cookies and chocolate mint ice cream.  McKayla and Halie watched a movie and more of McKayla's friends dropped by.

I think she had a great day!

This past year has been exciting for her!  Her running career has really taken off and she's had tons of interest from college coaches.  She has medaled in just about every race she has run.  She has started her CNA coursework and clinicals and has really enjoyed that.  She fulfilled her dream of going to Paris.  She has a great boyfriend, Brandon, whom we all adore!  Hopefully, her 19th year of life will be just as wonderful!

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