Thursday, August 28, 2014

1st day of school 2014

Shanley's first day of school was Monday. She is a junior. Truthfully, this is her picture from the second day. She wore sweats and a hoodie the first day. She was comfy but said people laughed that she didn't dress up for the first day like everyone else.
Shanley's favorites/info: Food: pizza Candy: Twix Treat: chocolate chip cookies with milk Color: green Subject: lunch TV Show: Pretty Little Liars Movie: Little Rascals Friends: Austin, Shaylynn Lovendahl, Baylie Whittaker, Chancey Free Time Activity: eat and sleep When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse. Alec went to school very prepared - sports section of the newspaper and a bagel! He started his final semester at South Valley School on Tuesday. He was really excited for school to start. His teacher is Trevor Stookey again.
Chandler is now an 8th grader and started school on Tuesday.
Chandler's favorites/info: Color: green Food: cinnamon rolls Candy: Skittles Treat: playdough ice cream Subject: P.E. Spare Time: Minecraft TV Show: American Ninja Warrior Movie: Frozen Friends: Mason Lahti What Chandler wants to be when he grows up: computer programmer

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