Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shan is 17!

Shanley Marie Morgan is 17 years old today. Yep, my baby girl is 17 and a junior in high school. Crazy! Even crazier is the fact that she should have been a senior and would have been had she come anywhere close to her due date! She was 2 1/2 weeks past her due date. I am NOT kidding! Part of that was my fault, I begged the doctor not to induce me. I wanted her to come on her own so badly. Finally, the doctor said we couldn't wait any longer and he induced me. I had tried EVERYTHING to make her come on her own - teas, cod liver oil, jumping on the trampoline, etc. No dice. On the good side, other than Alec, she was my shortest labor and I was able to give birth to her with no drugs - totally natural! Shanley was a very easy baby. She really didn't fuss and was so un-demanding that sometimes I would set her on the floor, get busy and forget about her, only to discover later that she'd just fallen asleep wherever I'd left her. Maybe that is why she was such a daddy's girl! She sure did love her daddy (and still does). Shanley is my most easy-going and funny child. She has such a great personality! She has always been really beautiful. She was always tall for her age and is still tall today. Shanley loves to dance, to hang out with friends, to eat, to watch TV/movies, to listen to music, and to be on social media. She is game to try new things - she's done soccer, softball, lacrosse, dance, cheer, cross-country, and track. Her younger cousins really adore her and hang all over her when we get together especially Ben and Kari's children. She is super giving and loving. She is patient with Alec. I am so glad to have Shanley as a daughter!

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