Thursday, July 10, 2014


On July 2nd, the city of Oakley (small town really) invited Alec to participate in a Special Needs Rodeo. It was really more participation stations but Alec had a blast!

He got to ride the mechanical bull twice. He loved yelling "yee-haw" as he waved his hat around.

He learned how to rope and got to practice that. He actually roped the "steer" a couple of times and was thrilled with that!
Of course, Alec loved the pretty girls and couldn't pass up the chance to have his picture taken with the Oakley Queen attendants.
Alec also got to ride a horse which he really enjoyed!
Alec really got a great haul too! He got a t-shirt, bandana, baseball cap, cowboy hat, and a nice belt buckle for participating. Later, he caught one of the t-shirts they threw into the stands as well. After he participated in the rodeo events, they fed us pulled pork sandwiches, salads, cookies, and drinks. There were 9 of us (Me, Alec, McKayla, Shanley, Chandler, Brandon, Carson, Kelsie and Neal). They also gave all 9 of us tickets to the PRCA rodeo that night.

  I think Alec's favorite part was riding into and around the arena in the wagon. He loved this because everyone cheered and clapped. He LOVES being the center of attention!
We all enjoyed the rodeo and the fireworks afterwards. I had a hard time staying awake for the hour-long drive home. I did see a deer, though, and loved that!

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