Friday, July 25, 2014

how to change a flat tire

Disclaimer:  This is a proud-braggy-mom post.  If you dislike those, quit reading immediately.

Earlier this week, McKayla drove to the high school to meet a college teammate so they could run together.  As soon as she arrived, she called to tell me she had a flat tire.  She said there was a screw sticking out of the tire so it was going flat fast.  I told her I'd take care of it which translated means "I will call Dad as soon as he lands and have him take care of it."

I have learned how to change a flat tire and could probably do it if I had to;  however, I try to restrict all car knowledge to driving it and filling it with gas.  I am pretty good at those things.

Chandler woke up to head to cross-country practice and I told him about the flat tire so he hurried to get ready and informed me he'd change it.  I drove him to the high school extra early.  Sure enough, by the time practice started, Chandler had gotten out the spare, jacked the car up, and changed the tire.  One of his coaches noticed him and came over to help and found Chandler done.  He double-checked everything and said Chandler had done it perfectly.

Mind you, Chandler is 13 and a very scrawny-looking 13 at that.  I was super impressed!

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