Friday, July 11, 2014

one sick kid

All of the late nights and long days during the week of the 4th must have caught up with Chandler.  By the time he raced on the 4th he wasn't feeling well at all.  He had a horrible cough.  He declined going to the Real game that night in favor of going to bed.  Saturday he did nothing all day except lay around.  The coughing continued.

About 9:30 that night he started moaning and ran into my bathroom.  He started throwing up repeatedly.  Then he stood up and ran into the doorframe cutting open his big toe before he passed out and hit his head on the toilet on the way down.

It was a bit scary.  He's never passed out before and even when he came to again, he couldn't stand or walk or sit.  Poor kid.  He got the chills and was shaking so badly and his face was devoid of any color.

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