Monday, May 19, 2014

Wicked Sense of Humor

First, some background information -  McKayla and Michael Bluth liked each other from the end of 9th grade to about halfway through 11th grade.  He wasn't old enough for them to actually date until the last 9 months of that time.  After 11th grade, Brandon and McKayla started dating.  They have been together for about 11 months.  Michael and Brandon are good friends.

Now, for the funny story.  Last week the senior class had their awards ceremony.  McKayla and Michael won the award for cutest couple.  Yep, you read that right - McKayla and MICHAEL!

Apparently, Michael thought it would be funny and he started lobbying.  I guess enough people agreed that it would be funny.  Michael really hammed it up at the awards assembly.  He just happened to be sitting right in front of Brandon and McKayla and when they said "Cutest couple goes to..."  Michael clasped his hands in the air in praying position and yelled "Please!"  When their names were announced, Michael jumped up and turned around and pulled McKayla out of her seat.  Brandon stood up like he was going to walk up to the stage with them but Michael pushed him back into his seat.  Michael escorted McKayla to the stage while he was fist-pumping in the air and she was burying her face in her free hand.  About halfway through shaking hands, Michael grabbed McKayla in a huge hug and walked off the stage that way while the student body chanted "KISS HER.  KISS HER" 

McKayla said some of their friends were laughing so hard that tears streamed down their cheeks.  Michael kept it up that day.  He kissed her hand.  While they were at the track team dinner, he said "Hi beautiful!" so Brandon said "Don't talk to my girl that way" and Michael said "She was mine first" and they pretend fighted.

It certainly makes me chuckle!

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