Monday, May 12, 2014


I am so behind on blogging. Life has been so very crazy! Three days last week I left my home at 7 am and returned at either 9 or 10 pm. Even the days I got home earlier, I had so many things to get done that night that I couldn't do it all. So, blogging just has not happened.

Shanley was involved in an accident last Tuesday. This is the car that caused it all.
Shanley was coming home from track practice about 4:15 pm. The lady in the car in front of her stopped for 2 girls in a crosswalk. Shanley stopped well behind her. A guy in a Honda Pilot stopped behind Shanley. However, the lady in the Acura pictured above was turned around talking to her sons in the backseat and did not stop at all. She hit the Pilot hard enough the driver's headrest snapped clear off and the entire seat broke. The Pilot slammed into Shanley causing the damage pictured below. This all pushed Shanley into the car in front of her. That car did not look badly damaged and the front of our car was relatively unscathed. However, when the car in front of Shanley tried to open it's back doors, they were difficult to open meaning there was damage to the car's frame. In other words, most likely at least 3 of the cars if not all 4 are totalled. Here's the car Shanley was driving:

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt - nothing beyond soreness, seatbelt burns, airbag burns, that sort of thing. The accident really shook Shanley up. She is now afraid to drive. She hasn't had her license very long so she is relatively inexperienced. The officer gave us permission to drive our car home as long as I was following directly behind it but Shanley did NOT want to drive. Luckily, McKayla was still at the high school (not too far away) so she ran to the accident site and she drove the car home.

The back window of our car was completely shattered (glass even flew into the front seats) but we laughed because the vinyl R (for Riverton High) held a large piece of glass intact.

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