Thursday, May 15, 2014

teacher appreciation

On top of everything else going on last week, it was also Teacher Appreciation Week. On Monday I helped fix "Cafe Rio" type food for all the faculty and staff at Riverton High. That was an all-day project.

Throughout the week, I put goodies in the boxes of all the faculty and staff (190 in all). I had attached notes to all these fruit snacks for one day (this is only about half of the snacks in the picture). Another day I had attached notes to bags of chips. One day they got coupons for free cookies from Great Harvest.
These were coupons for free Premium Salads from McDonald's.
My favorite was these darling (and very yummy) cupcakes decorated to look like apples with a gummy worm, pretzel stem, and fondant leaf. The cupcakes were apple spice. Luckily, I didn't have to make the cupcakes (just the tags). The restaurant class at the high school made them for me (just charging me for the ingredients). They even hand-delivered them!

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