Thursday, October 17, 2013

Regional XC Championships

Last night was the Regional Championships and McKayla took 2nd! She ran the 3-mile course in 17:34 which is a PR for her! She was pretty happy! I was extremely proud! It earned her a medal and a spot on the First Team All-Region Team. That time places her 116th in the nation which is amazing since most of those with faster times are running at lower altitudes (like sea level) and that makes a huge difference. Since she is a senior, she was also honored with Academic All-Region status. The coach from UVU came and talked to her and told her he came specifically to watch her run. That was pretty cool! Next week it's the State Championships where she is expected to place anywhere from 4th to 7th.
They took a team photo which Alec insisted on being in the middle of. I tried to get him out but the team insisted he stay. He really does think he is part of Riverton's teams and I love, love, love that the students are so accepting of him. He loves to cheer for them, high-five them, and even hug them! The team had dinner at our home the night before the competition and Alec was in the thick of things then too.

I honestly think cross-country runners are some of the best teens on the earth! They are just GOOD kids. I want all of my kids to run XC just so they can associate with people of this caliber. They are great! Brakston's best friends came from his XC team (not his soccer team). Anyways, I love these guys!

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