Monday, October 14, 2013


McKayla went to Homecoming with Brandon Walker. He asked her back in August with a poster that said something like "Hey Honey (insert honey bear), I don't think "OLIVE" (insert can of olives) if you don't go to Homecoming with me. She answered with "Hey Sweethart (insert bag of Sweettarts) I'd be de'lighted' (insert flashlight) to go to Homecoming with you!"

They had a great group but a very busy one! They couldn't fit in a daytime activity because many of them took the ACT that morning. In addition, six of them are cross-country runners and had to do a long run after the ACT. Four of them are student body officers and had to help set-up and take-down the dance decorations. That just didn't leave any time for more than dinner at Olive Garden and the dance.

I loved McKayla's dress! We rented it.
I loved their group! They are some of the best kids I know! Back row L to R: Brandon and McKayla, Halie Wooley and Tanner Welton, Josh Figgins and Kimber Young, Brady Earley, Kenzi Cook and Clay Lambourne, Cami Clark Middle row: Jordan Wooley and Megan Shaw, Erin Oldroyd and Ben Jessee Front row: Sarah Dickey and Michael Bluth

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