Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chandler's Dash After Dark

Every year Riverton City holds a "Dash After Dark". This year Chandler thought it would be fun to run it! Unfortunately, I read the 5 and assumed 5K when it was actually a 5-mile course. Oops! Chandler has only run 5 miles once before in his life and that was running with me at my incredibly slow pace - not really a challenge. In addition, he hasn't been doing any running at all that doesn't involve a soccer field. So, he was a bit nervous. However, Chandler is also extremely competitive so he kept pushing even though he said he was dying the final mile.


He finished in 38:42.00 which gave him 1st place in his 12-14 age group (he's 12) and 3rd place overall. There were only about 40 runners so not ton of competition but I was still proud of him! He averaged 7:44 per mile.

He got a medal for being 1st in his age division.

He got this trophy for being 3rd overall. He LOVES the trophy and now wants a shelf in his room so he can display it.

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