Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th FUN

jI think all I've done lately is play or nap and I only need the naps because my girls are having so much fun playing! Their friends don't go home until 11 or midnight so I am up that late EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (except Sunday). Trust me, I am earning my naps! The girls are also needing naps and here it is after 11 am and they aren't even up yet! Due to cross-country, Sunday is the only morning they can sleep in but 11 seems a bit ridiculous.

Alec spent last week at a Camp Kostopulos travel trip. They went to Yellowstone and enjoyed the wildlife, Old Faithful, Discovery Center (where they saw bears and wolves), and a river rafting trip. The best part for him is the closing ceremony on Friday. All the campers receive awards. The whole family went to pick up Alec and watch the ceremony. Alec got an award for "best laugh". He was very proud. He puffs out his chest and stands a little taller and grins ear to ear when he gets recognition for anything. It makes me giggle. He was so excited he even had to call Brakston to tell him!

Chandler and I enjoyed the Riverton Town Days parade - nearly 2 hours. Alec was at camp. Kevin was flying. McKayla was working. Shanley stayed home to finish her chores. So, it was just Chandler and I. He sat up front so he could catch the candy. I stood in the back with a couple of my neighbors.

On the 4th, Chandler ran the Riverton Town Days 5K and won for his age group. McKayla and I ran it last year but this year I'd been asked to help with it so I drafted McKayla and Shanley to help as well. We were stationed at various points along the route to help direct the runners. Shanley danced in the Town Days entertainment in the park. Shanley also enjoyed the carnival with members of her dance team. The family joined with out friends, the Nebekers, and McKayla's friend, Brandon, to watch the fireworks that night. Riverton City does some great fireworks!

Yesterday the whole family (and Brandon) took the waverunners out on Utah Lake. We had a blast although I am sore today. I was hitting some wakes pretty darned hard and even managed to throw myself off at one point. I think my body is too old for that kind of bone-jarring, shoulder-wrenching, white-knuckle-gripping, full-speed-sharp-turn type of ride.

The "playing" won't end as this week we are headed to New York. On the agenda - Niagara Falls, visiting where Kevin grew up, the Sacred Grove, the Palmyra Temple, and the Hill Cumorah pageant. I am truly excited! And, in need of a nap.

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