Friday, July 19, 2013

New York trip - Day Two

Our second day was all about Alan and Debbie and seeing Kevin's past. Debbie fixed fresh blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup and bacon. My kids think we should eat like that all the time!

Kevin's dad was visiting his brother, Alan, so he came with Kevin and I and the kids for the grand tour. This was Kevin's grandparents' home. His grandmother was the postmistress so there is a little room on the side that was the post office. I stayed in that home with Kevin just a month or so after we were married. We made the trip back for Kevin's grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. Of course, it looked a lot different in February with piles of snow!

This is the church where Kevin was christened. After we got back home, McKayla referred to it as the church he got "Christianized". ( My children are definitely not very wise to other religions). Neither was I. I attended this church when we came for his grandparents' anniversary. It was the first time I'd attended any church service besides LDS. The minister/preacher/clergyman kept telling us to say we were all sinners. Everyone would yell, "I am a sinner". I didn't want to do that so I stayed silent.

This was Kevin's childhood home but he assures us it never looked that nice when they were living in it. Funny thing, we stopped in front of 3 homes just for a quick picture and at all 3 homes the current owners came out and talked to us. Must be the novelty of small towns - not used to any car stopping out front unless they are coming for a visit.

This is the Lincoln Davies general store. It was the only store in Paris Station. Kevin would walk to it. We went on inside. The kids thought it was like a little, tiny, miniature WalMart.

Kevin was bussed to a very normal looking school in Waterville but this is where his grandparents attended school.

After the grand tour. The kids and Kevin enjoyed Alan and Debbie's pool. They had a great time! I stayed inside and visited with Debbie and helped her get ready to BBQ. You can see from the pictures how wide open it is! McKayla loved that about upstate NY - all of the wide open spaces. Houses are not close together and they have huge properties.

After a great BBQ, we said our goodbyes and drove 2 hours to our hotel in Rochester. There, not having had enough swimming for one day, Chandler and Alec got good use out of the hotel pool. Shanley and McKayla found the treadmills in the fitness room.  I was happy to do some reading!

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