Monday, April 14, 2014

CA Trip

We had a really nice time in CA over the weekend!  Kevin, McKayla and I flew out on Friday morning.  We got on the flight with no problem.  The first thing we did after landing and getting our rental car was take McKayla to a park so she could get in a run.  Then we had lunch and went to the Los Angeles Temple.  McKayla was baptized/confirmed for 26 individuals.  Kevin got to do the baptizing and confirming.  I handed out towels and was confirmed for some names myself.

Then we headed to Venice Beach.  Kevin and I used to go there when we lived in CA.  It has so much character.  This time we saw several street performers including a guy on roller blades playing an electric guitar with his amp strapped to his back.  McKayla thought it was weird that they have "Muscle Beach" a weight-lifting gym right on the beach.  We saw a sport that was new to us - Paddle Tennis.

Then we fought traffic for more than 2 hours to get to our hotel - made us all very grateful we do NOT live in California.  We got dinner and relaxed - read, watched TV, and headed to bed early.

Saturday morning I went running but mostly we relaxed and watched lots of NCIS re-runs.  Then we headed to the track meet.  Brandon ran first - in the open 400m.  He had a season PR.  The girls 4x400m team ran okay.  McKayla ran next in the 1 mile and did great!  Then it was Clay and Michael's turn in the 400m invitational.  Michael finished 3rd in a PR and Clay 4th.    Then Brady ran the seeded 3200m.  He ran a PR by 12 or 13 seconds.  McKayla ran the Invitational 3200m and got a PR by 16 seconds.  Last was the boys 4x400 team.  They ran a PR but were disappointed to finish 3rd when they thought they could do 1st.  The time they ran would have won last year.

After all that, we all headed to Denny's to eat dinner - even though by then it was 11pm.  We didn't even get back to the hotel until 12:15 am so we cancelled our reservations on the earlier flight and took the flight at noon.  We ended up all getting 1st class so it worked great!

Fun, fun trip!  The only drawback was that I did get sunburned.  (I should learn to act on promptings immediately - I did think of sunscreen earlier in the week).

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