Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Kevin, McKayla and I leave Friday morning for Arcadia, CA home of the Arcadia Invitational.  McKayla and I went last year and had a great time (and she ran well).

Arcadia bills itself as the Nation's Premiere Track Meet.  It boasts 152 U.S. Olympians and 24 National Records.  Arcadia has minimum time standards you must meet to even apply.  Then they only allow a limited number of participants so they take the very top marks for each event.  This year they said they turned away a "few thousand" qualified entries.

Then, they further breakdown the accepted entries into open, seeded, and invitational categories with the invitational being the best of the best.  Last year McKayla ran in the open divisions for both the 3200m and the mile.  This year she made the Invitational list for both events!  She is pretty excited!

The only drawback is the less than 3 hours between events (something her coach has never let her do before (usually only one event per day).

Her goal is to break 5 minutes in the mile and to run the 3200m in 10:45.  I hope she can do it!

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