Sunday, August 25, 2013


Life has really gotten away from me lately.  Don't get me wrong -I've enjoyed every minute of the bubbling chaos of my life, but it means I haven't been great about blogging.  I think about what a great blog post this event or that one would make but time gets away from me and it doesn't happen.

We had an awesome summer!  I think it's the busiest summer we've ever had.  It went so quickly that I am REALLY not ready for it to be over.  Yet, my children return to school tomorrow.

We enjoyed our trip to upstate New York.  We enjoyed a family reunion in Island Park (hopefully I will blog more about that later).  Alec spent 2 weeks at Camp Kostopulos (one of those was spent in Yellowstone).  The girls enjoyed youth conference and girls' camp and cross-country high-altitude camp.  Chandler played in 2 soccer tournaments.  I enjoyed Education Week at BYU.  I put on a 5K race for the PTA that went well.  I also "catered" a wedding lunch with help from dear friends.

I don't look forward to my children returning to school tomorrow but next week looks much calmer.  I am hoping I can rest my weary body a bit.  I also look forward to trying to get my home back into shape.  I have cupboards just begging to be cleaned and organized.  I am sure it will be a week or two before I am needed as  a substitute so I hope I can get my home and garden under control in the meantime.

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