Friday, May 10, 2013

another school record

It was the Regional Championship track meet this week. Our coach wasn't as concerned with winning the regional championship as he was with qualifying runners for the State Championships. So, since McKayla had already qualified (by time) for the 3200m and 1600m her coach didn't have her run those events hoping to qualfiy another runner by having them finish in the top 4 at Region. It worked. Erin took 4th in the 3200m so gets to go to State now.

The coach had McKayla run the 800m instead. She has only run it once before (at 2:27) so imagine our shock when she ran it in 2:20 which not only qualified her for State by time, but also placed her 3rd and set a new school record.

This means McKayla is the school record holder in the 800m, 1600m and 3200m! Our family was laughing about it because McKayla set the school record in the 3200m her freshman year (she's bettered it many times since). Then she took over the school record in the 1600m her sophomore year. We started joking she was setting a record a year. However, in cross-country this year she failed to set the record by 2 seconds. We jokingly told McKayla that meant she had to set the record in the 800m this year and then could do the cross-country one her senior year thus giving her a new school record every year. We joked but didn't really think it possible since she doesn't normally run the 800m and isn't known for speed.

I guess she showed us! Her time was only .42 seconds off being qualified as a U.S. Second Team Elite in that event.

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