Monday, July 13, 2015

Discovery Center

This past week I went to the Family Search Discovery Center with McKayla, Michael, Chandler, my parents, Henry and Laurie, Jake, Erica, and Rachel. It was really cool! I learned that there are 670 Marvelles in the United States and 38,524 people with the last name of Lawton. I also got to take pictures of what I would look like if I were Chinese or English or Armenian. McKayla took one as a Samoan and it turned out great! I also learned that 56% of my ancestors come from the U.S., 32% from the United Kingdom, 8% Norway, 4% Ireland, and 1% France. There was info on my birth year and so on. They give you an iPad when you enter and you log in using your LDS account number and then when you logout, the info is emailed to you.

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