Saturday, January 11, 2014

week in review

  • I still have a horrid cough
  • Kevin now has a bad head cold
  • I subbed 3 days this week
  • Kevin was pretty much gone all week (including a 3-day trip)
  • McKayla has been doing her CNA skills testing (and acing it)
  • I had 2 PTA meetings
  • We ate our way around the world (Greek Gyros, Chinese Noodles, Hungarian Goulash)
  • Shanley and Alec went to the RHS boys' basketball game vs. Herriman (RHS won)
  • McKayla spent Friday and Saturday at USU for an official recruiting visit (not home yet)
  • Kevin and I enjoyed our annual Circle Christmas Party last night (yes, we did it AFTER Christmas this year)
  • Kevin, Alec, and I head to Hale Center Theater tonight

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