Wednesday, September 4, 2013

unusual sport

It is my observation that cross-country is an unusual sport. First, I can't think of any other sport where the spectators get exercise. In order to really see a cross-country meet, you usually have to run from one spot to the next. Case in point - Saturday I watched a meet that had JV frosh/soph, JV junior/senior, and varsity divisions for both boys and girls. That right there would be 6 divisions but the varsity race was a relay race so there were actually 14 races (7 boys/7 girls) that I ran back and forth on the course to watch. I had run a few miles that morning but at the meet I wondered why I had gotten up so early to run when I put in MORE miles at the meet. I don't have to watch them all but between nieces, cousin's kid, my own daughter, and RHS kids I love I really like to watch them all. So, I am not complaining, just making an observation. Second, I also can't think of any other sport where the competitors get to know each other and become friends. My kids have played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse and never gotten to know their rivals. However, in cross-country/track they get to know them, speak to them at meets, and even text each other. McKayla is friends with all of the girls in the picture below except the one in the black jacket. It doesn't matter that the other girls are from Jordan, Bingham, and Lehi. They are friends. McKayla has even double-dated with one of them a couple of times. I think that is pretty cool even if a bit unusual.

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